Down time

    Even during the busiest times of the year, down time is necessary. I always know when it is needed, depending on the various levels of grumpiness that comes home, from the paddock. Sometimes, the men of the farm, work it out for themselves, other times, they need a woman to suggest it’s time…

Wave wash our away our existence

Beaching it

My husband (also known as ‘The Boss) is a mad keen fisherman. He will go to the beach when it’s raining, a howling southerly or when it’s a beautiful calm day. The only thing that stops him from getting a line in the water, is if there is ‘weed’ out in the holes he’s trying…


Beaching it and a wedding anniversary

Last night was our seventeenth wedding anniversary. Hard to believe that so much has happened within that time. Especially when the wedding seems like only yesterday. Two kids, two or three farm bought and sold and bought again. And as with most families, there are few people missing from our family now, who were there…