Purple Roads

Purple Roads is a story about maintaining faith in yourself, staying true to your ideals and, most of all, the belief that some things are worth fighting for.

Published: 1st March 2013


“In essence an outback cross-genre romance-crime thriller, Purple Roads is a compelling read”

Sydney Morning Herald, Kylie Northover

Book Synopsis

Anna and Matt Butler were childhood sweethearts with a dream of owning their own land, a dream they achieved through hard work and determination.

But as the seasons conspire against them and Matt is involved in a terrible accident, the couple face financial ruin and the loss of their farm.

As they fight for everything they hold dear, they suddenly find themselves caught up in events much bigger and more dangerous than they could ever have imagined.

Book Trailer

“McDonald’s engaging writing style drew me right in and I had a hard time in putting the book down. Read it and share it”

Write Note Reviews

“I enjoyed Purple Roads, the blend of genres appeals to me and I always appreciate a strong Australian setting”

Book’d Out

“You know when you experience a whole gamut of emotions for a fictional character – fondness, sympathy, frustration, anger, and then a desire to kick him in the nuts before finally wanting to hug him – that the author has done a wonderful job weaving his personality into a story.”

Cate Pearce

“Fleur paints her rural landscapes vividly and lovingly”


“…a page-turning blend of romance and crime. this is an easy book to curl up with and forget about the time”

The West Australian