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Between the Pages with Fleur McDonald is a look into my world as a writer.

Between the Pages will help you create a new habit; making time for writing. The 16-day course includes what works for me, little tips and things I’ve learned through-out my writing career since 2005. And as all good mystery readers would want, there is a SECRET group that if you buy the course, you’ll be a part of!

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This course is about creating a new habit in your life. I think we all know that “bad” habits are easy to create, but harder to break. In knowing this, you might find it hard to create the habit over the next two weeks, but it will certainly be harder to break, once it’s entrenched

Three things I want you to know about creating habits:

Repetition – By creating repetition, you are re-wiring your brain; that’s why early on in this program, it’s important you take every opportunity you can to write. Check out Dr Joe Dispenza talking about rewiring of the brain – he may well change your life!

Automation – The more you repeat this habit, the more it will become entrenched in your brain.

Failure – This is just part of the process. If you don’t write during one of the days, don’t beat yourself, but pick up where you started from again and keep forging on.

Who is this writing course for?

Those who would like advice and tasks to help reach your personal goal of finishing that book you’ve been trying to finish or starting what you’ve wanted to start.

How long is the course?

16 days, each day you will receive an email in the morning. This will enclose a task to help prompt you to write in order to help create this new habit.

What does the course include?

  • Access to a Private Facebook group where I will be available to give advice, support and cheer you on
  • Daily meditations to inspire and motivate you
  • Help to organise your thoughts and find time to write
  • Create new habits, new goals, characters and planning
  • An insight into submitting your manuscript when the time finally comes
  • Daily tasks if you need a hand in working out what to write about
  • Tips about writing, and about making yourself sit down and do it

What you need to do:

  • Purchase this fabulous course ‘Between the Pages’
  • Check your emails in the morning, because what I’m going to ask you to do, requires some morning work. (I hear all you young mums and busy professionals starting to say how busy you are in the morning. I know. I understand. I’ve been there. But believe me, what I want you to do, works.)
  • Choose how many words you’d like to write over the next two weeks. Don’t say anything crazy like 15,000, because you’re setting yourself up to fail and I don’t want that. I want you to achieve. I’d like to think that in between 5 and 7,000 is achievable, depending on the day.
  • Create a word count for each day, these should vary day today – I’ll explain that when we start the course.
  • Complete daily prompts – you can choose to do them or not. They’re a prompt, rather than a task – but they are also to make you think about what you are writing and how a reader will respond.
  • And the most important part of this is to have fun! Writing shouldn’t be laborious and boring. Like I said earlier, there will be hard spots, but all in all, the process should be fun.


“Fleur provided some great tips and tricks for writing and inspired me to keep a daily journal – something I used to do but had stopped when life got too busy. Some days I only write a few lines, but it’s good to put pen to paper as well as using the laptop each day!” – Heather


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