The Missing Pieces of Us

From the bestselling author of Red Dust and Crimson Dawn comes a moving and intriguing novel about love, friendship and how the truth can sometimes set us free.

Sometimes you have to resolve the past before you can face the future. The moving and heart-warming new novel from Fleur McDonald.

Published: 29th March 2017


“All in all this was a beautiful story of family, of love and of finding that sense of belonging. A story that demonstrates how freeing the truth can be, even when you worry about how painful it might be.”


Book Synopsis

Lauren Ramsey is a teacher whose mantra is to never let a child fall through the cracks. But Lauren is so concerned about the welfare of a little boy in her kindy class she doesn’t realise her own daughter, Skye, needs help.

At fourteen, Skye Ramsey is dealing with the usual pressures faced by teenage girls, from the pitfalls of social media to coping with fickle friends and the attention of boys. The only person who seems to listen to Skye is Tamara Thompson, the manager of her favourite clothes shop.

Tamara knows what it’s like to be a troubled teen because as an adolescent she felt unloved and overlooked. She now has a successful career and a partner who adores her, but her sense of worthlessness and fear of rejection are threatening to overwhelm her.

All three women are searching for a happier future, but finding it may lie in resolving secrets from their pasts…

“McDonald handles this generous handful of very real issues affecting Australian woman and their families today with strong insight.”


“…a book which quite deftly explores themes of family, adoption, trust, relationships and sex against a background of both modern day and historic British immigration, where events of the past impact on people’s lives for generations to come.”