Fleur McDonald's Bio

Fleur draws inspiration from having lived and worked for much of her life on farms and now owns 4050ha across regional WA.

Having written twenty novels, most of them featuring her leading detective, Dave Burrows, Fleur continues to write two books a year, releasing one in April and one in November.

Noisy Nights, the first of two children’s books was published by New Frontier Publishers in August 2016 and the second, What Does a Horse Say? came out in August 2018.

She lives in Esperance, WA with an energetic kelpie, Jack, and a couple of young adults who come and go as they please.

Speaking Gigs

Things I love to talk about are:

  • Writing
  • Domestic violence
  • Autism
  • Country life
  • Farming / Agriculture
  • Inspirational stories

I’m available, for freelance articles on the above topics. I also offer writing workshops for emerging writers and schools (primary & secondary).

Please contact Nicole at my publicity department for more details, at nicole@nicolecoxmedia.com.au

So you want to be a writer- Australian Writers’ Centre. Fleur reads the prologue of her book, and she answers a few quite thorny questions about the rural fiction genre.
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Final Draft – Great conversations with authors from Australia and around the world. Fleur McDonald discussing her new outback thriller Starting From Now.
Podcast with Final Draft – Andrew
Talking Aussie Books with Fleur McDonald – “I was absolutely delighted to welcome Fleur to the podcast” – Claudine Tinellis
Podcast with Claudine Tinellis
Tim McMillan delves into the inspiring stories of Western Australian identities from all walks of life.
Podcast with Tim McMillan
Conversations with amazing women whose journeys and experiences are fascinating, inspirational and educational.
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ABC Radio- Conversations with Richard Fidler, Sarah Kanowski: The girl from Orroroo — Fleur McDonald
Conversations with Richard Fidler

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