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Summer Sun

Finally after 110mm of rain in five days, the sun has broken through. We’re now looking forward to carting our hay and starting harvest in the next week or two. We haven’t been able to get on the paddocks to cart the hay it’s been so wet, let alone put a header into the wet…


Torrential Downpour

Ah … the weather! It often sounds like farmers are complaining about the weather, but so much of our business relies on it. It needs to rain in March/April so the ground is still warm enough to grow feed for winter. Even though it rains (or at least it should!) during the cold months, the…


Harvesting Hope

I was carting hay today and watching the dust billow up from the road where the huge C-Train’s have been carting the first grain harvested, to the bins in Esperance, thinking how lucky were we to have grain to harvest after this horrific start to this year. I was chatting with a mate last night…