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Wally by Name and Wally by nature

This is Wally. Actually his real name is Law, but he’s a bit of a Wally, and he’s been called it that many time, he comes to that name too. You would have to wonder what was going through his head, when he decided to go to sleep like this! He stayed like this for about twenty minutes…


Higher Fido, Higher!

I recently told you all about the Condingup Community Fair and how it’s our annual fund raiser for our small school. Well this is a competition that happens every year, sets tongues wagging and will whet you’re your appetite to attend the day! The dog high jump is a great entertainer – the dog that…


Dog Tired

Meet Law, our working ‘hound’. It’s far too tiring hanging around a shearing shed when there isn’t any work, than when there is something to do. He doesn’t really look like a dog that you can’t stop when he’s working, does he?!