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When I was on tour for WITHOUT A DOUBT, I came across this blue door (pictured on the computer screen). I was sitting in a narrow alley way, drinking coffee (because I’m a bit like Detective Dave and nothing happens in the morning until I’ve had my coffee) when I saw it. Hasn’t it got…


Starting From Now

It’s that exciting time of the year again, when there is a cover to show you all! If you can believe it (because it only feels like a few short weeks ago, that Without a Doubt hit the shelves) I have another book on the 5th of November. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be…


Starting From Now edits

What a great day to spend in front of the fire, editing the next book for you all. Starting from Now will be out in November and this has been an awesome fun book to write, albeit slightly controversial… It’s cold and windy outside and we’ve had a beautiful, and much needed 40mm of rain…