Having sold over 700,000 copies of her books, she has solidified her position as one of the country’s favourite storytellers.

Fleur draws inspiration from having lived and worked for much of her life on farms and now owns 900ha property in regional WA.

Following the recent release of her eighteenth novel, Deception Creek, Fleur’s much-loved Detective Dave Burrows will return in April 2022 with his fifth rural fiction feature novel.

Noisy Nights, the first of two children’s books was published by New Frontier Publishers in August 2016 and the second, What Does a Horse Say? came out in August 2018.

She lives in Esperance, WA with her two children, Rochelle and Hayden, a Jack Russell terrier, Rocket and an energetic kelpie, Jack.

Fleur's Complete Bio
Something to Hide

Dave and Bulldust are back in an action-packed sequel to Red Dirt Country!

With the sickening realisation that his cover has been blown, Detective Dave Burrows knows his family is in serious danger from the vicious stock thieves and murderers, Bulldust and his brother Scotty.

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